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A water altar from Kensington Gardens

Allow the abstract to distract ~ lose the everyday
Water washes, soothes

Harshness softens, stress snaking



An old friend of mine used to say that "to ponder" meant to look into a pond in order to think. Distorted reflections do have a way of calming the spirit. Simply pause. Look deeply. I sometimes believe that to ponder is simply to look into the pond, in order not to think, but to receive whatever the water chooses to show you.

Abstract reflections become artworks, simply shapes and colours. A cage rail becomes a silver serpent; straight reeds writhe and slither, edges blur meaningless. There are times when words fail...but also times when they are simply not necessary. Not all of our thoughts need to be encapsulated, caged, in language. Sometimes we simply need to look into the water. And ponder.

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