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Beginning to look up

January sky-scapes

· Sky thoughts

This year I'm looking up, and considering the sky. A daily moment of looking beyond myself... but also finding myself in the words spun out of the clouds.

1st Jan

A new year and a blue sky…mostly blue, mostly new…

We carry everything we are over from one year to the next, so how come we expect the new year to be different from the old one? And why overburden ourselves with a whole load more to-do stuff?

To look more skywards is my only resolution for this coming year. To look and to wonder and to see what comes of both. We are like the clouds, ever changing and yet ever constant. Flowing into lightness and consolidating into the dark. Dancing in the blue or hiding the light and storming across the sky. On a new year's blue-sky day, I find hope for a year in which the light outweighs the storms, and a trust that we'll handle whichever we have to deal with.

2nd Jan

Under a sullen sky
Mizzle that can't stir itself to rain
Seeps through soaking, infiltrating
And leaves you sodden just the same
Pocket letters dripping, disintegrating
Unposted now, you'll need to write again

9th Jan

I'd come to believe that every sky was interesting, did we but pause long enough to linger, to look and see its differentiation. Soon enough there came a day to prove me wrong, a day in which the sky scarcely ease from dark to unremitting grey with ne'er a breach nor a break and so back to dusk and dark again. On such a day it takes the intervening lens of a photograph to show that even here, behind the spectral trees, the sky has its shading from white to violet blue – not near so grey as it seemed to my naked eye.

14th Jan

In the greys and whites of winter skies


Trying to find the beginnings, the skeins

Of a dream

Yet to be woven.

Shapeless, formless,


15 Jan

Moving pictures, reflections

Shifting clouds,

and other skies

through other windows

16 Jan

A hint of early sky, hidden

Tree branches grasping darkly

At candy-floss clouds

Teasingly pink, hinting

At what might lie beyond

This hotel window

20 Jan

Geese flying over the Norfolk coast, sky-writing in an alphabet ghost

What letters are these, words, or meaning

Honking calls echoing

Out to sea

23 Jan

When all you see is a dark sky

Through a glass


Hemmed in by buildings high

Cloistering life


What then…?

28 Jan

On tiny wings, insignificant

We fly towards an imagined sea

Cloud-bank hills indistinct

Sky-not-land scapes

Future free

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